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A Look Inside Jay Leno’s Garage

Photo Courtesy of motor1.com

Jay Leno is not only one of the most successful talk show hosts in the history of network television; he is also an avid car collector. He maintains a garage in Southern California housing over 200 fine collector cars and motorcycles. Leno has a passion for automobiles and does not simply house them as museum pieces; you can catch him tooling around the So Cal area in a different car, every day of the week.

Carroll Shelby’s “Other Car” – The Sunbeam Tiger

Some people dream of getting their hands on one of the brilliantly designed cars by Carroll Shelby, but their dreams fall short when they look at the price tag of his famous Cobras or Mustangs.  There is good news for them; Mr. Shelby designed the Rootes Group Sunbeam Tiger, as well! In 1964, the Rootes Group was looking for a way to revamp the Sunbeam Alpine’s image from a “touring” car to a “sports car/roadster”.  They wanted the car to be modeled after the recently successful Shelby Cobra.  After some research and the decision to use the Ford’s 164hp 4.3L Windsor V8 engine, who was better to ask to design their car than the man himself, Carroll Shelby?  Shelby agreed to design the car for $10,000.  His prototype, along with the prototype built by racer and previous employee of Shelby America, Ken Miles, were sent to England for production.



XK8XK8: Jaguar’s XK is the luxury grand tourer line, which comes in a coupe or a convertible. The current line of XK cars were first introduced in 1996 with the XK8, which represented the beginning of a new generation for the line. The XK Jaguars originated with the XKE or E-type cars that first came out in 1961. The E-types, loved by many car enthusiasts, only lasted for about a decade and a half. When the XK models came back in 1996, these same Jaguar lovers were thrilled and the XK8 did not disappoint.

What is a Hemi Engine

What is a Hemi Engine

1968 HemiIf you’ve ever wondered, “What is a hemi engine?” you are not alone. Car lovers speak of the hemi as if it were the best thing you could have under your hood. The term Hemi comes from the word hemisphere and is used to describe an internal combustion engine in which the cylinders in the combustion chamber are topped with a hemispherical roof.

The Jaguar XK 140

The sleek, smooth design on this beauty earns it a reputation worthy of the name. Jaguars are known for the same presence on the road as the jungle cats, from which the name is derived, have in the wild. Manufactured from 1954 to 1957, the Jaguar XK 140 was the successor of the XK 120. Movie buffs may recognize this model, which Ryan Phillippe popularized in the movie Cruel Intentions. 

English Invasion

English Invasion: As one of the most prestigious car companies in classic car history, Jaguar rolled out a car in the 1960s that certainly stood out among its competitors. One particular model was given the honor of topping the list of Sports Car International Magazine’s “Top Sports Cars of the 1960s” in 2004, and was later also named one of the “100 Most Beautiful Cars” by the Daily Telegraph in 2008.

The Jaguar XJ220: Spare Time Well Spent

We should all try to enjoy the work that we do, and when you are an automotive engineer it would seem as though working for the Jaguar company would be a pretty satisfying gig. However, the engineers at Jaguar didn’t always get the opportunities to work on the cars that they really wanted to see, so they organized a group called The Saturday Club. Those who chose to participate would get together on Saturdays and after hours to brainstorm their own ideas outside of the official auspices of the company.