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Porsche 550

Porsche 550


Porsche 550The Porsche 550 is a legendary car for many reasons. Most notoriously, it was a 550 Spyder that James Dean drove to his death at the young age of 24. The 550 was designed in the early 1950s and sold from 1953 to just 1956. It came in both coupe and spyder body styles and included elements to maximize its speed in racing events. In fact, it was to a racetrack to try out his new sports car that was James Dean’s destination on that fateful day in 1955.

Porsche Spyder 550

One of the most iconic classic cars around is James Dean’s famous Porsche Spyder 550, his beloved “Little Bastard,” as he famously named it.

Only 90 Porsche Type 550s have been documented as built, with production lasting from 1952 and 1956, making each one that much more special. The type 550 became known as “Giant Killer” when their speed, aerodynamic design, and sporty exterior and interior alike gained respect in the racing world, beginning with a win at the season opener race at the Nurburgring in 1953 and continuing to come in first and second place (build 01 and 02 were entered) in their 1500 class in the Le Mans race only a month later.