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How Car Buyers Benefit from Concept Cars

How Car Buyers Benefit from Concept Cars

'64 Buick RivieraIn the early months of each year, car enthusiasts flock to Detroit, Los Angeles, and Shanghai to see the latest and greatest from car makers. The fantasy-filled auto shows bring in buyers and dreamers to see what car architects have designed for the year and for the future. The annual auto shows are the only places that the general public is able to see and touch the latest cars by every automaker from Bentley and Buick to Tesla and Toyota.

Visit the Peterson Museum

Peterson Museum:  Peterson MuseumIf you are a true classic car fan you want to do more than just talk about old cars– you want to take them on the road and drive them. When you are a collector car enthusiast getting behind the wheel of one of your classics and going on a road trip is a lot of fun, especially when your destination involves indulging your passion in vintage automobiles and trucks.

With the above in mind, if you want to have the automotive experience of a lifetime you should consider making the trek to Los Angeles to visit the Peterson  Museum.

Camaro: Then And Now

This week, the L.A. Autoshow saw a number of announcements about exciting new cars, one being the brand new convertible version of the fastest-ever Camaro. Now that car lovers will be abuzz with the excitement of a new addition to the muscle car line from Chevrolet, we thought it only appropriate to look back at the first Camaro, if only to remember the “good ol’ days” as we begin to embrace the new.

The Peterson Automotive Museum

When you are planning a vacation or even a simple abbreviated road trip, it is always a good idea to center the trip around something that you are passionate about. If you are into art, schedule a getaway to a city that has a fantastic art museum. If music is your thing, make plans to see one of your favorite artists or groups in a location that would make for a memorable all around experience. And if you are like us, with cars always on the brain, we recommend making a pilgrimage to a car show or an automotive museum and indulge your avid interest in motor vehicles. To this end, we endeavor to pass along suggested destinations to our readers, and this month we would like to highlight the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

2010 Los Angeles Auto Show Concludes

There has been quite an automotive buzz emanating from Southern California this week as the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show has taken center stage. The big extravaganza kicked off on Friday, November 19th and the last day of the show is Sunday, November 28th when the doors will be open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.

There are some stunning exhibits at the L.A. Auto Show this year, and the categories include World and North American Cars; Concept Cars; Electric, Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Cars; and Aftermarket and Project Cars. The show also features a design challenge, and there are ongoing test drive opportunities offered by Kia, Toyota, Ford, Land Rover, and GMC.