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Best Low Riders – Pontiac Streamliner

Best Low Riders -Pontiac Streamliner

60 Chevrolet ImpalaWhat’s cooler than cruising slow and low in a low rider? Cruising in a low rider that you customized yourself. The classic low rider look is all about looking sleek, sexy, and smooth. The best low riders look like they are floating inches off of the ground. In order to get the best low-rider look, you have to start with a car that already has stylish lines. When you are ready to join the low-rider crowd, these classic cars will get you there in style:

Top 5 Car Songs Of All Time

Little Red Corvette

The automobile has played an enormous role in the United States over the last 100-plus years, and its impact has had a wide reach across our culture. Aside from the business, motor sport, and transportation implications, cars and trucks have also made their way into the television shows that we watch, the art that hangs in our galleries and museums, into the movies that we watch and even into the music that we have listened to throughout our lives.