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Packard Motor Company

As we look closely at some of the greatest successes and even some failures in the long line of classic cars from years past, it’s important to look specifically at the companies which produced them. Without the companies which have seen the ups and downs of the world for decades, the classic cars of the United States would be very different. Today, we’re taking a look at the Packard Motor Company. For years, the Packard Motor Company was known for high quality, luxury vehicles, but like many other automobile companies, struggling sales eventually brought this hopeful company to an end.

38th Annual Winter Autofest

Annual Winter Autofest:

Classic car shows are a great place to find other car enthusiasts who love to talk, dream, and think about one thing: their favorite classic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and many more things that go “vroom!” Whether you are looking to purchase one of many classic cars for sale, hoping to bond with others who share your passion for muscle cars, or just hoping to have a good time with your family while viewing your favorite cars, car shows are a lot of fun.