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1969 Motor Trend Car of the Year: The Plymouth Road Runner

The peak of the the muscle car era is generally considered to have taken place between 1964 and 1972, and the reason for the decline of these cars wasn’t that they were no longer popular. The introduction of unleaded gasoline led to reduction in engine size and performance, and cars were engineered for better fuel efficiency and emissions reduction rather than speed and power. 1969 was one of the last years for the true muscle car, and it was the second year of production for the Plymouth Road Runner.

Don’t Embarrass Me: Worst “Car of the Year” Awards

Don’t Embarrass Me: Worst “Car of the Year” Awards

1972 Chevy VegaEach year, automakers wait with baited breath for the release of the car of the year awards. These come from major automotive magazines like Car and Driver and Motor Trend.

These car magazines originally chose cars that were affordable and stood apart from the crowd. It took a few years of choosing flops to force the car makers to set standards for their award winning cars, so now they look at technology, innovation, reliability, and performance. These are a few of the regretful “Car of the Year” award winners:

Motor Trend Car of the Year Winners of the 1980s

There is a certain mystique that goes along with being named the Motor Trend Car of the Year, and the prestigious award dates all the way back to 1949. This was the year that Motor Trend magazine was founded, and it has been in circulation every since, under the Peterson Publishing Company banner until 1998 when it was sold to EMAP, who sold it to Primedia three years later. Source Interlink is the current publisher of Motor Trend, and its readership reaches into the seven figures.