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Ellingson Motorcars

Ellingson Motorcars

Ellingson MotorcarsLocated just outside of Minneapolis in Rogers Minnesota, Ellingson Motorcars is one of the top dealerships in the Midwest for collectible, antique, and classic cars. Sell a car on consignment, search for and buy your dream car, and get your classic serviced here. Ellingson does it all. 

Ellingson is one of the largest consignment dealers in the region for classic cars. The showroom where your vehicle will be displayed is climate-controlled and fully modern. Combine this with an extensive network of classic car enthusiasts, collectors, and dealers, this is a great way to get the best deal for your sale. 

The Zimmer Golden Spirit

The American spirit is all about a can-do attitude, and that elusive but ever-present American dream starts with an idea and comes to life through the taking of action. There are those who have the energy and vision that it takes to make their mark, and in an industry that is as competitive as the automobile manufacturing business, it does indeed take a unique individual to carve out even the tiniest beachhead. Paul Zimmer was just this type of person.