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Get Ready, Vintage Motorcycle Lovers!

For anyone who knows the thrill of wind blowing through your hair and watching the miles roll by while feeling the rumble of a powerful vintage motorcycle, July is sure to be an exciting month. Across the country, riders and collectors alike are gearing up for events dedicated to the bikes of old and those that are considerably newer. Lexington, Ohio will be doing just that from July 20-22, as the American Motorcyclist Association and AMA Hall of Fame welcomes motorcycles of all shapes and sizes to town. At the event, carefully restored and original vintage motorcycles will hold the spotlight.

Classic Car Models

Classic Car Models: In tough economic times, it can be hard to accept the reality that owning or restoring a classic car is just too expensive, especially if doing so has been a dream since childhood. The cost of the restoration can be prohibitive, but keeping the car maintained, filling the gas tank, and keeping the car properly insured can be an added financial strain. For these reasons among others, many car enthusiasts are turning to other options to fuel their passion for the cars of “the good ol’ days.” Some immerse themselves in books or attend classic car cruises, but others collect a more storage-friendly alternative. The Collectors Guild features to-scale models of classic cars of all kinds.

4 Popular Vintage Motorcycles

The roar of an engine that seems to dominate the sound waves, the tangle of your hair as the wind whips, tears gathering in your eyes from the sting of the breeze as you seem to fly across the pavement, what isn’t exciting about riding a motorcycle?  Something that could make the experience even more exciting is having everyones head turn because you are riding a vintage motorcycle. Here we are going to take a ride down memory lane to visit 4 popular vintage motorcycles.