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Reno, Nevada Presents Hot August Nights

The people of Reno, Nevada were looking for a reason to celebrate Rock-n-Roll of the 50’s and 60’s, the baby boomer generation and, of course, cars.  They were also looking for a way to fill the void of tourism in August.  As they advertise on their site, “the weather was right – HOT; the place was right – RENO; the time was right – AUGUST — HOT AUGUST NIGHTS was born!”  When the Hot August Nights held its first event, it was more of a nostalgia event, with the entertainment of Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers, Wolfman Jack, Bobby Hatfield and Jan & Dean.  The organizers learned quickly what seemed to draw more attention – the Friday night car parade.  Large crowds were drawn to these “works of art” – and so the car show component became the main event.