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RKMCCA AuctionRK Motors, the classic and collectible car dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently launched its latest venture, The RK Motors Collector Car Auctions (RKMCCA). With success as a business that deals in classic and collectible automobiles, RK Motors decided to open a door on a new opportunity for enthusiasts to buy and sell. The exciting world of auto auctions gives sellers a chance to reach motivated buyers, and for buyers to get access to rare and collectible cars.

Who’s Ready For A Road Trip?

The holidays are coming-and quickly! With all the traveling that comes with visiting the in-laws, the kids, and little old Grandma, why not enjoy a beautiful drive on the way there? Fire up the old Thunderbird, hop into the Camaro, and see some of America’s most iconic roadways.

Heading west? Route 66 is arguably the most famous path to take, and along the way are restaurants, shops, and even a small museum called Cool Springs Station in Kingman, Arizona are dedicated to its travelers. Stop in and stretch your legs, enjoy a bite to eat, and think of the memories you’re making.