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V for Veloce

V for Veloce

Photo Courtesy of Petrolicious.com

The Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV was designed to be fast. In fact, the “V” in the GTV name is for the word “veloce” which is the Italian word for fast. If you are relatively new to the vintage car market, the Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV is a wonderful project car. If you are on the fence about this classic 1960s model is ideal for your garage, there are some useful websites that can help you make up your mind if this Italian beauty is right for you.

Building Your ‘Baby’

Building your ‘Baby’: So you finally got that project car you have always wanted. Maybe you found it at a classic car auction, or maybe you just happened to spot it with a big “For Sale” sign in the windshield, and maybe it is a family heirloom of sorts, passed down for generations, each one putting its own personality into different aspects of the car. What now? You may have a great vision of what the car could end up looking like, and maybe you know the steps to get there, but what about the right person to ask when something unexpected comes up? I think we all know the feeling of beginning a classic car restoration, or just about any small household project, and believing we have all the right tools until mid-fix, we realize it’s time for a run to the department store or local car garage…some of us even have a story or two about realizing that just as a mysterious fluid is leaking onto the freshly power-washed garage floor.

2005 V6 Project Car From American Muscle

To start off the series, we meet Dave Kaeck from American Muscle, who announces that the project will involve a lime green 2005 Mustang Fastback V6. This car is set to receive some modifications to get it running to its full potential. The Mustang is taken to Swarr Auto where it will receive its new performance package, containing items found on AmericanMuscle.com.