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Serious Collectible: Select 60 Buick Reatta

Serious Collectible: Select 60 Buick Reatta

1990 Buick ReattaOne little known car in the collectible world is the Buick Reatta Select 60. All of the Buick Reatta models were made by hand, making each of the more than 21,000 cars special to General Motors and to their owners. These luxury sports cars were made for just a few short years, between 1988 and 1991. While the majority of the Buick Reatta models are overly collectible, there are a few select ones – called Select 60 – that truly are.

Special Models for a Select Group of Dealers

The Buick Reatta

Imagine a six-year old, curly-hair girl in pig-tails standing on the car lot holding her dad’s hand.  She’s looking around at what seems like an endless amount of shiny, brand-new cars, yet she spots this small, “bubble” looking white convertible and exclaims, “That’s what I want when I get big!”  Now, fast forward ten years to that same girl, now 16, and her squeals of delight, beaming smile and huge hug for the dad that just bought her that white, Buick Reatta convertible, when she got big!