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Reno Beckons

Reno: So now the holidays are all over and we settle in for the cold winter months. We suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity to travel in your mind’s eye during this time of year and keep yourself occupied with positive thinking. And what can be more positive than thinking about what you’re going to do when the weather changes and the car show season gets underway?

Here’s the idea: First, you do your research and identify the car shows and cruises that you are interested in. You make decisions and circle your calendar, and this process is a lot of fun.

Reno, Nevada Presents Hot August Nights

The people of Reno, Nevada were looking for a reason to celebrate Rock-n-Roll of the 50’s and 60’s, the baby boomer generation and, of course, cars.  They were also looking for a way to fill the void of tourism in August.  As they advertise on their site, “the weather was right – HOT; the place was right – RENO; the time was right – AUGUST — HOT AUGUST NIGHTS was born!”  When the Hot August Nights held its first event, it was more of a nostalgia event, with the entertainment of Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers, Wolfman Jack, Bobby Hatfield and Jan & Dean.  The organizers learned quickly what seemed to draw more attention – the Friday night car parade.  Large crowds were drawn to these “works of art” – and so the car show component became the main event.

The National Automobile Museum

National Automobile Museum: Nestled in downtown Reno, Nevada is a spectacle that will surely appeal to car enthusiasts and their families alike. Amidst the casinos and adult-oriented fun is a family-friendly automotive heaven where anyone can find their place in history through automobiles: The National Automobile Museum. Located on Mill Street in The Biggest Little City In The World, this museum features concept cars, movie cars, noteworthy cars, flying cars, boat cars…you get the picture.