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Nearly Forgotten: Plymouth Superbird

70 Plymouth SuperbirdWhen Plymouth unveiled the Road Runner in 1968, the response was overwhelmingly positive and it still remains among the most popular of muscle cars. Because of its success, it was only natural that Plymouth attempted to up the ante shortly following its release. The Plymouth Superbird came along in 1970 and it served as a modified version of the ever-popular Road Runner. It was built with the intent to appear in the NASCAR circuit, and as a part of the NASCAR rules, there had to be street-legal versions of this beauty.

Rare Bird Sighting: The Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Superbird
One of the better stories to come out of the American automobile industry during the latter portion of the 1960s is that of the Plymouth Road Runner. What’s not to like about a real muscle car that could get the quarter mile in under 14 seconds while setting you back less than three grand? Plus, as a bonus, you get a car that is named after one of your favorite cartoon characters. How can you beat that?

Top 12 Fastest Muscle Cars

Top 12 Fastest Muscle Cars

Top 12 Fastest Muscle Cars: Muscle cars are an American original. These are the fastest of the high-performance cars with powerful, big block engines and are a perennial favorite with classic car collectors. The late 1960s were the heyday of these cars and all of the top twelve fastest muscle cars came from this decade. While the greatest may be up for debate, no one can dispute the numbers put out by the fastest.

1966 427 Cobra. The fastest of all American muscle originally came from England, but Carroll Shelby quickly brought his design over to Ford.