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1938 Delahaye

Delahaye: As promised, we are featuring the first of several cars which will be making an appearance at this year’s R├ętromobile, the Paris auto show. In the middle of the Great Depression, not long before the start of WWII, few things stood out in a community as much as a shiny, new, low-riding vehicle that made any classic gangster command the respect they so desired on the streets. One such car was the 1938 Delahaye Type 165.

A ‘Special’ Car

There are many cars which are regarded as especially exciting to spot because of their power, speed, and perhaps the most exciting, their rarity. It becomes a great adventure at car shows to find the oldest car, the “coolest” car, and the rarest car. So, what is one of the hardest cars to see? How about a model that only ever had two units built? Yes, just two!