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St. Louis Car Museum

St. Louis Car Museum

St Louis Car Museum and SalesThe St. Louis Car Museum has something for everyone interested in classic and vintage vehicles. Not only is this a destination site for simply browsing and viewing classic cars, but it is also a sales center. Consign and sell vehicles from your collection or find the classic car of your dream to buy. The Museum also offers repair and storage services. 

A Diverse Collection

If you’re in the market to shop and buy, few classic car salesrooms has a more diverse inventory to browse. From classic muscle cars to 1950s Messerschmitt models, you’ll find just about every type of vintage car at the St. Louis Car Museum. 

1967 Plymouth GTX

Also known as the Plymouth Belvedere GTX, this model was intended to be a “gentleman’s” muscle car. Assembled in St. Louis, Missouri, the production only lasted 4 years (from 1967-1971). Both the style and performance of this model were better than the original Belvedere, and the two were largely differentiated by the grille and look of the rear of the car. The 1967 Plymouth GTX had mock hood scoops, optional racing stripes, and a different fuel cap, which also set the two classic car models apart.