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Highway Patrol: Let the Car be the Star

Highway Patrol: Let the Car be the Star

1955 Buick CenturyWhen most television shows were filming in backlots and studios, Highway Patrol set a new standard by filming in actual rural roads in California. The popular show starring Broderick Crawford aired between 1955 and 1959. Filmed in black and white, the classic cop show pioneered the cop show genre and became a favorite in over 70 different countries.

wildaboutcarsonlineThe main character, Dan Mathews, was a part of the California Highway Patrol. He could always be found either reclining on or driving in his two-door 1955 Buick Century. The car which was modeled to look exactly like the real CHP cars. Interestingly, the CHP wanted to have a show that resembled Dragnet, which featured the local Los Angeles Police Department.

Michigan Mitten Promo Tour Set to Begin June 17th

The rev of hundreds of engines, exhaust fumes drifting through the air, people young and old milling about and everywhere you look, there is a classic or muscle car in view.  What car enthusiast doesn’t love going to see or participating in a car show during the warm summer months?  It doesn’t get better than that…or does it? What about a 9-day traveling car show tour where you can enjoy great scenery from different cities but more importantly, see different classic and muscle cars every day?  That sounds like a car lovers dream.  This is not just a dream; however, it is the Michigan Mitten Promo Tour going on June 17-26th, 2011.