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Pontiac Revived: The Chieftain

Pontiac Revived: The Chieftain

1950 Pontiac Chieftain When World War II had come and gone, many car companies were looking for new car designs to boost their sales to the pre-World War II levels. Pontiac was no different from this.  They decided on a vehicle that was much like their lower level Streamliner in terms of engine, dimensions, trim level and options, but it would use the sportier GM A-Body style instead of the B-Body style of the Streamliner.  This vehicle was called the Pontiac Chieftain and it rose to its expectations by replacing the Torpedo as Pontiac’s top automobile in its first year.

Pontiac Streamliner: Defining Art Deco, One Vehicle at a Time

Streamliner: Defining Art Deco, One Vehicle at a Time

1050 Pontiac StreamlinerWe can streamline communications, mathematic equations, and manufacturing operations. However, when it comes to the word, “streamliner,” there is one image that comes to mind: the Art Deco round vehicle. Whether that vehicle is a train from the pre-World War II era, an Airstream trailer, or a streamlined automobile, streamlining best fits in the automotive and locomotive worlds.

Streamlining as a Novelty

Best Low Riders – Pontiac Streamliner

Best Low Riders -Pontiac Streamliner

60 Chevrolet ImpalaWhat’s cooler than cruising slow and low in a low rider? Cruising in a low rider that you customized yourself. The classic low rider look is all about looking sleek, sexy, and smooth. The best low riders look like they are floating inches off of the ground. In order to get the best low-rider look, you have to start with a car that already has stylish lines. When you are ready to join the low-rider crowd, these classic cars will get you there in style: