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1953 Buick Super

Buick Super: Today, not much in the way of auto companies remains in the heart of Michigan. Back in the day, though, it was the place to go, whether you were looking to start life anew with a new job or hoping to visit a sort of mecca for car manufacturers, all over the country. In the early 1950s, as the post-war economy boomed, consumers were out in flocks, purchasing anything and everything. They bought anything from new kitchen appliances, new homes to put those appliances in and even new cars. Buick was ready and taking full advantage of their new-found buying power.

1956 Olds Super 88

1956 Olds Super 88 1956 Olds Super 88

The 1956 Olds Super 88 and other members of the 88’s second generation are considered to be among the most stylish and collectible of the cars of the 1950s. The 88 came out in 1949 and continued to be produced by the GM division until 1999. For the first half of that admirable run, the 88 outsold everything else in the Oldsmobile line-up. The series included several different levels over the years. The Super, especially the 1956 Olds Super 88 was one of the most popular.

1947 Buick Super

1947 Buick Super

1947 Buick Super The 1947 Buick Super fell about midway between the start and end dates for this full-sized automobile. Buick produced the Super from 1940 through 1958 and it shared its body with the Buick Roadmaster. The Electra replaced both the Super and the Roadmaster for the 1959 model year. The start of the included the new C-body, described as a torpedo. The Supers shared that body not only with the Roadmaster, but also models from the Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Pontiac lines.