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3 of the Most Unique American-Built Cars

3 of the Most Unique American-built Cars

54 1954 pontiac bonneville special

There have been many unique cars built that each has their own interesting characteristics.  Three of these cars are classics built in America during the 1940’s and 50’s; we’d like to take the time to showcase them today.

1964 Thunderbolt

1964 Thunderbolt

1964 Thunderbolt In the mid ‘60s Ford was struggling to keep up with the muscle cars and drag racers coming from Dodge, Plymouth, and Pontiac. To get back in the game, Ford created a limited edition, experimental, drag racing only version of the Fairlane. This was the 1964 Thunderbolt. The big engine that Ford put in the Galaxie at the time did not give that big, heavy car enough power to get up and go race with the other muscle cars, so they crammed it into the smaller Fairlane.