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Driving In A Winter Wonderland

The first snows have fallen across the country, parents everywhere have dragged out the kids’ snow gear, and people have been heard far and wide grumbling about the frost so stubbornly clinging to the windshield. Though this time of year can be filled with extra cheer, beautiful views, and plenty of old family memories, we’re sad to say it also means it’s time to “winterize” all the great classic, sporty cars and store them safely in Grandma’s garage, nestled safely away from the bustling cities…over the river, and through the woods, of course!

Classic Pickup Trucks

Early Ford Model As and More

1951 Classic Pickup TrucksMove over classic cars, pickup trucks are the hot new item in collectible, vintage, and antique vehicles. Cars are great, but why not start collecting classic pickup trucks? Trucks can be turned into hot rods if that’s your preference. They also make great everyday cars and can hold more stuff than a car. At the next classic car show, you will be one of the few showing off a truck. Here are some of the more popular classic pickup trucks you might want to consider adding to your collection.

Vintage Trucks

Vintage Trucks

1955 ChevyCollecting classic cars is not always the cheapest hobby, or one without its particular frustrations, but there is something rewarding about finding old treasures and restoring them to a former state of glory. For lovers and collectors of classic vehicles, there is no better feeling than a great find that ends in a successfully completed project. Today, collecting vintage trucks is more popular than ever. Move aside muscle cars and hot rod coupes, the trucks are getting their day in the sun.

Michigan Mitten Promo Tour Set to Begin June 17th

The rev of hundreds of engines, exhaust fumes drifting through the air, people young and old milling about and everywhere you look, there is a classic or muscle car in view.  What car enthusiast doesn’t love going to see or participating in a car show during the warm summer months?  It doesn’t get better than that…or does it? What about a 9-day traveling car show tour where you can enjoy great scenery from different cities but more importantly, see different classic and muscle cars every day?  That sounds like a car lovers dream.  This is not just a dream; however, it is the Michigan Mitten Promo Tour going on June 17-26th, 2011.