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Remember Volkswagen The Thing?

1973-vw-thingVolkswagen The Thing: If you were around and aware of motor vehicles during the 1970s you may have found yourself perplexed when you saw a strange new animal on the roadways. Here was this vehicle that looked kind of like a small Jeep, with a convertible top and kind of a corrugated body.

You couldn’t help but notice its, well, let’s say “homeliness,” but the Pumpkin Orange or Sunshine Yellow color was certainly hard to miss.

This vehicle that we are referring to is the Volkswagen Thing, but it was only called the Thing in North America. The car was known as Trekker in the United Kingdom and Safari in Mexico, and its generic designation was Volkswagen 181.

RM Auctions’ “Automobiles of London” Event On Tap Oct. 27th

Classic car fans will want to take note of a huge happening that is going to take place in London, England on the 27th of October. The Automobiles of London sale, an annual RM Auctions event, is going to be truly extraordinary this year, featuring more than eighty of the world’s most sought after fine collectible specimens.

The centerpiece of this extravaganza is perhaps the most famous “movie car” of all time: the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that was driven by Sean Connery as agent 007 in the classic James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball. There were only two such vehicles used in the movies, and this is the only one that remains, United Kingdom registration number FMP 7B.