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1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

Here’s a classic car that’s sure to impress. Though the 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC isn’t an American model it is a great example of what classic car fans appreciate about vehicles from days gone by. Both sleek and sophisticated, this model can still be found on posters in college dorm rooms and garage walls across the country. Anyone lucky enough to own one easily becomes the envy of everyone on the block.

1938 Delahaye

Delahaye: As promised, we are featuring the first of several cars which will be making an appearance at this year’s R├ętromobile, the Paris auto show. In the middle of the Great Depression, not long before the start of WWII, few things stood out in a community as much as a shiny, new, low-riding vehicle that made any classic gangster command the respect they so desired on the streets. One such car was the 1938 Delahaye Type 165.

A Look At Ferrari

Fast cars are certainly exciting, but fast cars with a sleek body style and purring engine command a new level of respect and awe on the road. For years, car companies worldwide have been competing for the most anticipated car release of the year, and in 2012, Ferrari has car lovers on pins and needles for the release of the new Ferrari FF (FF stands for Ferrari Four). The 2012 model comes with a staggering price tag, starting at $300,000 for the two-door, four seater, which features an impressive 12 cylinder engine.