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Monte Carlo SS: Ending the Oil Embargo in Style

Monte Carlo SS: Ending the Oil Embargo in Style

1970 Chevrolet Monte CarloWhen the 1980s rolled around and the oil problems and energy crisis began to dissipate, the Big Three automakers, GM, Ford, and Chrysler, began turning away from fuel efficient gas sippers and slowly began to reintroduce cars with a little power under the hood.

1986 Chevrolet Monte CarloCars started to get exciting again, especially as the Big Three released a few cars that paid homage to the muscle cars from the pre-energy crisis years. Automakers started using V6 and V8 engines because fuel was available. As the decade moved on, Detroit car makers even started to add turbo into the mix, too.

2005 V6 Project Car From American Muscle

To start off the series, we meet Dave Kaeck from American Muscle, who announces that the project will involve a lime green 2005 Mustang Fastback V6. This car is set to receive some modifications to get it running to its full potential. The Mustang is taken to Swarr Auto where it will receive its new performance package, containing items found on AmericanMuscle.com.