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Datsun 240Z

'72 Datsun 240ZDuring the 1970’s, this car easily set the record for the best-selling sports car of all time with more than 540,000 built.  In 2004, it was even ranked as #2 on the list for best sports cars of the 1970’s.  What is it you ask?  It is the Datsun 240Z.  The Datsun 240Z had many obstacles standing in its way to getting designed and built.  In the late 1950’s, Yutaka Katayama was hired by the Nissan company to help market their cars.  He was the first person to convince Nissan that adding a racing program would be a good way to build the Nissan name, and he was right.  This didn’t sit well with his bosses because he went around them to their bosses to pitch the idea, so they decided to give him a job in North America – Datsun Marketing Manager For North America.  You see, the market for Japanese cars in America was slim because most people didn’t want to buy Japanese-made cars after World War II, so even though the name Datsun was put on all Nissan cars sold in North America, it was figured that Mr. Katayama would stay out of the lime-light with this challenging position.  His bosses couldn’t have been more wrong.