The People’s Car – Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen BeetleVolkswagen Beetle: Picture a warm summer day, the sun shining bright, with a perfect light breeze to keep the sandy beach just cool enough to walk on. As you take in the waves lapping at your toes, which wiggle happily in the shallow water, you turn to see your closest friends unloading their surf boards and a cooler. It’s the summer sometime in the 1960s, and you couldn’t be happier to be on a tour of the West Coast in your Volkswagen Beetle.

This particular vintage car is often associated with days gone by, where peace and love Volkswagen Beetlereigned free. It was the time of Woodstock, the Beatles, and an impressive focus on just having fun. Perhaps what made these vehicles so unique was their easily distinguishable design. Of course, they did lack in power or speed in comparison to many vehicles of their day, but who can deny the fun? The 1967 Volkswagen Beetle was significantly upgraded from the previous year’s model, but still had only a 54 horsepower rating, up 4 from the 1966 model. The braking system, rear axle, and flywheel all enjoyed a few changes as well. The vehicle had a four-speed manual transmission and weighed in at slightly under a ton, at 1,900 pounds.

Volkswagen BeetleSometimes, we don’t always realize how good we have it. The 1967 model finally came with new standard equipment, such as widescreen wipers, an armrest on the driver’s side door, reverse lights, lock buttons on the doors, and even an exterior mirror on the passenger side. Today, of course, the very thought of not having those items is nearly unimaginable.

For vintage car lovers, though, often it’s the memories that make the cars so special, rather than speed or power on the roads. What better car to hold a piece of the past than the iconic Volkswagen Beetle?

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