Who’s Ready For A Road Trip?

The holidays are coming-and quickly! With all the traveling that comes with visiting the in-laws, the kids, and little old Grandma, why not enjoy a beautiful drive on the way there? Fire up the old Thunderbird, hop into the Camaro, and see some of America’s most iconic roadways.

Heading west? Route 66 is arguably the most famous path to take, and along the way are restaurants, shops, and even a small museum called Cool Springs Station in Kingman, Arizona are dedicated to its travelers. Stop in and stretch your legs, enjoy a bite to eat, and think of the memories you’re making.

Going south? Check out Blue Ridge Parkway, a 469-mile mile stretch from Virginia to North Carolina, which winds through the Appalachian Mountains and lends its travelers a look at breath-taking views of beautiful trees, at some points even running parallel to the treetops and overlooking lush forestry. Spend a moment taking it all in (and snapping a few pictures!), and you’ll certainly remember this drive for years to come.

Will you be in the New England area? Try the Kancamagus National Scenic Byway, a 26.5 mile road along Route 112 offering gorgeous views, especially in the fall with the changing colors on the trees, but imagine a light snow twinkling from the branches-beautiful. Stop at Sabbaday Falls and enjoy the splish-splashing sounds of the falls as you munch on a quick snack.

If you’ll be heading for a soulful trip in the South, take in the Spanish moss hanging over the roads from huge oak and cypress trees on the Bayou Cruise in Louisiana. Stop for some crawfish and jambalaya, and enjoy the sounds of the best blues music around. Highway 31 offers some of the best views Louisiana can offer.

Whatever direction you’re heading, enjoying the smooth ride of your classic car and a great meal at a local food joint will be a great memory to share with family and friends you visit along the way. Where are you headed? Tell us a story of your favorite road trip-or where you’d love to go!

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These suggestions came from a great article from Yahoo’s Travel section, it was too good not to share!

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