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Classic BMW, Classic BMW For Sale

BMW is a premier German automobile manufacturer who has withstood the test of time through a dogged commitment to engineering excellence and the ability to make forced transitions when necessary. They began as an aeronautical engine production facility, but the terms of the post WWI treaties forced them out of that ind...ustry, and they chose to shift their focus to the manufacture of precision quality motorcycles in 1923.  

The truth of the matter is that the history of BMW is intertwined with their parent country's involvement in the two huge wars that marred the 20th century. They used their superior aircraft engine designs to build fine motorcycles during the post WWI era, but as soon as they could they once again began producing aircraft engines for the regime that we now now as the Nazis. And, those German military motorcycles that you see with sidecars during World War II in movies and on television were BMWs.

After the war the company resumed civilian production of motorcycles, they launched a line of cars in in 1962 that they called the New Class. This was the beginning of the BMW line of quality, precision engineered motor cars that we know today. models include the 1600, the 1800, the 318i, the 2800, and many others.

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