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Classic Buick, Classic Buick For Sale

Now a household name, the Buick Motor Company had its humble beginnings in Detroit, Michigan, where it was founded by Scottish immigrant David Buick. He opened its factory in 1903, which entitles it to the honor of being North America’s oldest auto manufacturer. Well-known for its relatively affordable luxury vehicle...s, They rapidly overcame Cadillac and Ford to become the largest automaker in the United States, in 1908. The Company has withstood the test of time as a preeminent automaker, and is currently a division of the General Motors Company.

Entering the scene in 1904, the Model B Touring Car was its first automobile marketed to the public, of which none have survived. Containing the same chassis and power-train as the Model B, the Model D was introduced in 1907 as their first four-cylinder engine vehicle. Beginning in 1925, they began making their Standard Six series, their first vehicles equipped with six-cylinder engines.

Other prominent models include the eight-cylinder Century, unveiled in 1936, the stylish Roadmaster convertible, introduced in 1949, the Skylark, making its first appearance in 1953, and the Riviera coupe, which debuted in 1963. The elegance, luxuriousness, and abundance of this vintage auto have made them a fixture of classic car collections. The Buick Club of America boasts a large network of enthusiasts, and exists as a resource for those wishing to restore classic cars.

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