1963 Ford Thunderbird's For Sale

The 1963 Ford Thunderbird has a 6.4 liter, 6,392 cc V-8 engine, which produces 300 hp at 4,600 rpm. The engine has a maximum torque of 428 ft-lbs at 2,800 rpm and a 9.60-to-1 compression ratio. The 1963 Thunderbird has an overall length of 205 inches, a width of 76 inches and a wheelbase of 113 inches. It stands 53.5 inches high and weighs 4,292 lbs. The Ford Thunderbird was available in several colors which include Baltic Blue, Flamingo Pink, Hickory Tan, Glacier Green, Diamond Blue and Sea Reef Green. A few colors were exclusive to the Thunderbird only including Brandywine Red, Tamarack Green and Cordovan (a burgundy color).

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