1977 Ford Thunderbird's For Sale

The 1977 Ford Thunderbird is the first model of the 7th generation. It has a 114 inches (2,896 mm) wheelbase and 15.5 inches long overall. The Thunderbird has a double A-arm front suspension and a solid rear axle on coil springs. The 1977 Ford Thunderbird now has a Ford 302-cubic-inch small-block V8 equipped with a two-barrel carburetor rated at just 137 hp. Two versions of Ford's 351-cubic-inch "Windsor" and "Cleveland" small-block V8s were optional and rated at 149 and 161 hp, and there was a 400-cubic-inch small-block rated at 173 hp. All of the Ford Thunderbird models are equipped with three-speed automatic transmissions.

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