1980 Ford Mustang's For Sale

The 1980 Ford Mustangs is available with three different sizes of engines: a 2.3 liter, a 3.3 liter, and a 4.2 liter. The 2.3 liter has 4 cylinders, and it can have 88, 90, or 132 horsepower, depending on the transmission and whether the engine is turbocharged. This engine produces a maximum torque of 145 pound-feet and has a bore and stroke of 3.78 x 3.13 inches. The turbocharged 2.3-liter is the only "performance" engine available, but it has maintenance issues. The 1980 Mustang has a wheel base of 100.4 inches. It is 179.1 inches long, 69.1 to 73 inches wide, and 50 inches tall. It has a front track of 59.6 inches and a rear track of 60 inches.

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