1985 Ford F-350's For Sale

The 1985 Ford F-350 crew cab trucks got a dual-rear-wheel option, but otherwise the little to no changes for this year. Engine choices available for the 1985 Ford F350 includes the 460-cubic inch V8, the V-6, 4.9-liter, 300-cubic inch straight six engine. The 300 engine had 170 horsepower at 3,600 rpm with a torque rating of 283 foot-pounds at 1,900 rpm. The in-line six had a compression rating of 8.0:1. The 460-cubic inch V8 is also an option. The 460 big bloc has 245 horsepower. Ford also offers two other V8 engines which included the Windsor 302 and 351. The 302 Windsor 5.0 liter had an output of 130 horsepower and the 351 has 150 horsepower.

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