1989 Mitsubishi Eclipse for Sale

The 1989 Mitsubishi Eclipse is an entry to mid-level four-cylinder sports coupe. Four trim levels are available: the bottom three were front-wheel drive and the very top is all-wheel drive. The top FWD and the AWD model were equipped with turbocharged engines. The Eclipse Base FWD model is equipped with a 92 hp naturally aspirated engine 1.8 L 8-valve SOHC 4G37 engine. The Eclipse GS DOHC AWD is equipped with a 150 hp (110 kW) 4G63 16 valve non-turbocharged engine. The basic driveline layout of the Eclipse is a transverse-mounted 4-cylinder Mitsubishi 4G37 or 4G63 engine situated on the left-hand side of the car driving an automatic or manual transmission on the right-hand side.

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