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Classic Cobra, Classic Cobra For Sale

The AC Cobra is a car that was first introduced for the 1961 model year by AC Car Group, a company that was originally known as Auto Carriers LTD when it was founded back in 1911. The very first specimens of the AC Cobra Mark I (there were just 75 produced) were powered by the small block, 260 cubic inch V8, and the 51 Mark I were equipped with the 289 cubic inch Windsor Ford engine. The AC is often referred to as the "Shelby Cobra" because American racing legend Carroll Shelby was a partner. It is said that Shelby saved AC form insolvency in some circles, but others claim that this is not the case.

The original AC remained in production through the 1967 model year, and though it was never very successful from a financial standpoint, it did well at the races, remaining relevant on the race track through much of the 1970s. Due to the rarity of the AC or Shelby coupled with their original  high price tag when they were new, the remaining AC Cobras are very valuable, and highly sought after by discerning aficionados who have the means to add a vehicle of such lofty stature to their collections.

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