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Classic Crosley, Classic Crosley For Sale

The Crosley Corporation (not to be confused with Crossley Motors of Great Britain) was an Indiana-based auto manufacturer active from 1939 to 1952. The brainchild of Powel Crosley Jr., this car was originally conceived of as an American answer to the Volkswagen. The Crosley brand is remembered today for its sporty, hig...h-mileage compacts, and many of their vehicles endure in the present day as cherished collector cars.

The original models (Series 1A), debuting in 1939, consisted of a two-cylinder convertible coupe and a larger convertible sedan. Following Series 1A were Series 2A in 1940, Series CB41 in 1941, and Series CB42 in 1942, which offered station wagons in addition to the sedan and coupe models. Following a hiatus of civilian auto production put into effect during the Second World War, they rolled out the four-cylinder CC models from 1946-1948. Its first sports car, a modestly priced two-seat roadster dubbed the Hotshot, was unveiled in 1949, and could reach a top speed of 77 mph.

At one time, the ranks of proud brand owners included many famous persons, such as General Omar Bradley, actor Humphrey Bogart, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Today, the Crosley Auto Club, based in United States, boasts over 1000 members from around the world.

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