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Classic Delorean, Classic Delorean For Sale

Immortalized in the 1985 film Back to the Future and its sequels, where it was re-imagined as a time machine on wheels, the DeLorean is an iconic, if not outlandish, American sports car that was produced from 1981-1982. Properly known as the DMC-12, it was the brainchild of engineer John DeLorean, and was the ...only model ever produced by his Detroit-based Motor Company, which folded due to financial struggles in 1982. In 2008, however, the brand was revived and currently manufactures custom-made vehicles, largely drawing upon an inventory of parts left over from the 1980s.

The DMC-12 was manufactured at plants in Ireland, and had a number of distinguishing elements, including a rear-mounted V6 engine, an unpainted stainless steel body, and gull-wing doors. Base models were loaded with a number of luxurious features for the time, such as power windows, mirrors, and locks, tinted windows, and an electric rear window defogger. Flux capacitors, however, did not come standard!

While over 9000 were produced during the 1980s, only 6500 classic DeLoreans are believed to currently exist, making this car a rare find. Its relative scarceness, combined with its pop culture significance and its bold, inventive, and unorthodox design, make it a highly valued collectible car. Currently, the Delorean Owners Association boasts the largest international membership of drivers.

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