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Dodge Brothers

The history of American automaking is interesting to trace, and many of the names that have become synonymous with the industry have inspiring success stories behind them. One of the most memorable and recognizable names in the industry is Dodge, and this company that has gone on to such enormous international success ...was actually started by a pair of brothers: John and Horace Dodge back in 1900. The company was originally founded as a supplier of assemblies and parts that were destined for the assembly lines of the major, established Detroit automakers of the day. However, the enterprising brothers saw an opportunity and release their own car in 1914.

Dodge Brothers put out the popular Dodge Model 30, which was marketed as a classier alternative to the Ford Model T. Dodge enjoyed a lot of success from the start due to their status as a supplier of top quality parts, and in two short years they became the second highest selling brand in America. However, the high times were short-lived for the Dodge brothers. John Dodge passed away in 1920 after a bout with pneumonia, and Horace followed him in short order, dying later that same year. The Dodge widows sold the company in 1925 as sales steadily declined, and ultimately, Dodge was acquired by Walter Chrysler in 1928, and their cars and trucks are still in demand to this day.

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