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The Dort Motor Car Company, based in Flint, Michigan, was a short-lived venture that grew out of the Durant-Dort Carriage Company. Eponymously named after its co-founder, Josiah Dallas Dort, the company manufactured autos from 1915 to 1924. During this time period, Dort also participated in a joint venture with the Gra...y & Sons Company of Chatham, Ontario, Canada, to manufacture cars for the Canadian market under the name Gray-Dort Motors. 

Gradually, this Canadian operation began to exceed American Dort manufacturing back in Michigan. Thus, the Gray-Dort is considered by some to be the first legitimately Canadian-made auto, with just over 25,000 units produced during its ten-year span. When the American Dort Motor Car Company folded in 1924, the Canadian Gray-Dort operation shut down as well.

All Dorts and Gray-Dort vehicles came standard with American-built, four-cylinder Lycoming engines. For Gray-Dort’s debut year, 1915, they produced two models: the Model 4, a roadster, and the Model 5, a touring car. Later models would also include sedans. Dort and Gray-Dort cars quickly gained notoriety for their steadfast dependability in a wide range of weather conditions. Because they were manufactured for such a short period of time, so long ago, Dorts and Gray-Dorts are particularly hard-to-find collector cars.

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