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Some of the pioneering names from the earliest history of the automotive industry in America are all but forgotten, and the Duesenberg company is one of them. However, many people have heard the term "that's a doozy" or "it's a doozy" to describe something big, grand, and excellent. Many experts say that this comes fro...m the Duesenberg, as people would originally be making a comparison to the "Duesy" automobile. Whether this is true or not, the Duesenberg company did indeed produce cars that represented the epitome of quality and class during the years that they were in business.

The Duesenberg Automobile and Motors Company was the collaborative work of the brothers Duesenberg, Fred and August, who had been born in Germany during the 1870s. They started the company in Des Moines, Iowa in 1913, and their hand-made vehicles were very highly regarded. A Duesneberg was driven by the driver Ed Rickenbacker in the 1914 Indianapolis 500, and it was good enough to earn 10th place. By 1924, the race was won by a Duesenberg, and they repeated the following year. The Duesenberg remained in production through the 1937 model year, and due to their formidable vintage and limited original production numbers, remaining specimens are highly valued today.

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