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Eagle Motors spun out the American Motors Corporation and subsequently wound up under the Chrysler umbrella after the Chrysler buyout of AMC in 1987. The brand was marketed by dealers who sold AMC products, usually in conjunction with the Jeep. The first pair of Eagles to hit the market in earnest were the Eagle Medall...ion and Eagle Premier.

However, the Eagle never really took off (pun intended). The brand had a hard time finding its niche, and the company seemed confused about exactly how to market it with a clear message. Consumers weren't sure who Eagle was, and dealerships had far better success selling the Jeep line, so that is where they placed their focus. As a result, Eagle sales suffered, and the handwriting was apparent on the wall.

Chrysler began to phase out the Eagle in incremental steps, and by 1998 they stopped producing the Eagle brand entirely. There was some short lived talk of a re-emergence with a redesigned version of the Eagle Vision in 1999, but that too never got off the ground, and we appear to have seen the last of the Eagle. Classic Eagle models include the Eagle Wagon, the Eagle Medallion, Eagle Premier, Eagle Vista, the Summit, and the Eagle Talon.

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