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Classic Essex, Classic Essex For Sale

The Essex automobile was introduced for the first time in 1918 for the 1919 model year, and to understand the intention behind the Essex, you need to go back about twenty years to the very beginnings of the American automotive industry. At first, "motorized carriages," as they were called, had to be made entirely by ha...nd. In fact, the earliest automakers would have to gather the disparate  components of the car from various different sources. This took a lot of time all around, so the man hours involved, coupled with the low supply, made automobile ownership economically out of reach for most people.

The debut of the Ford Model T in 1908 changed all of that due to the fact that is was the first mass-produced vehicle that came off the newly invented phenomena of the assembly line. The Essex Motor Company came along in 1918 as an effort by its parent Hudson company to provide consumers with a cheap and reliable vehicle. The Brand is notable for producing a car that was fully enclosed at an affordable price for the times when they offered their 1922 enclosed model for $1,495. The company was absorbed by Hudson entirely in 1922, and the car remained in production through the 1932 model year having sold over 1.1 million units during its very successful run.

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