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Classic Franklin, Classic Franklin For Sale

The H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company was an American automobile manufacturer active from 1902 to 1934.  Herbert H. Franklin began working in the metal die-casting business during the infant years of the industry.  He later joined with John Wilkinson to create the Franklin Automobile Manufacturing Company and produ...ce a variety of groundbreaking automobile designs.

Their automobiles brought forth new ideas in design and engineering, such as the introduction of the first six-cylinder car in 1905 and the first automatic spark advance in 1907. These cars were also at the forefront of the air-cooled engine design industry in an age when water-cooling was king.  L.L. Whitman drove the brand car from New York City to San Francisco in 1906.  In a display of reliability, Whitman set a new record of 15 days, 2 hours, and 15 minutes.

They produced a variety of models, including the Model 9-B Touring, the Model 9-B Sedan, and the Model D Roadster.  It offered a wide range of body designs and sizes, as well as a variety of engine sizes. Unfortunately for Franklin, the Great Depression took an unforgiving toll on their finances.  The company declared bankruptcy in 1934, although its air-cooled engine designs were purchased Air Cooled Motors.  Although Air Cooled Motors is no longer in existence, engines based on their motors were used in the first helicopters and are still in production today.   

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