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Classic GMC, Classic GMC For Sale

GMC is a United States-based truck, van, and SUV manufacturer that is owned and marketed in North America by General Motors.  Initially under the name GMC Truck, it was the product of the General Motors merger between two of its companies, the Reliance Motor Car Company and the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company.  Today, it... exists as General Motors’ second highest selling car company in the United States behind Chevrolet.

In 1914, the first trucks rolled off the production line featuring carrying capacities varying from ¾  to 2-tons.  Two years later, William Warwick drove a loaded 1.5-ton truck from Seattle to New York and back, becoming the first truck to cross the U.S. in less than 32 days.  They introduced what would become one of its longest-standing flagship consumer models, the Suburban Carryall, as a light utility vehicle in 1937.  

The brand has manufactured everything from everyday consumer trucks and vans to ambulances, heavy-duty trucks, tractors, military vehicles, transit buses and motor homes.  During the Second World War, they produced 600,000 trucks to be used by the United States Military.  Today, after over 100 years of manufacturing automobiles, GMC continues to produce vehicles renowned for their quality, reliability, value, comfort, and carry capacity.

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