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Classic Graham, Classic Graham For Sale

Graham was an American automobile manufacturing company founded by brothers Joseph, Robert, and Ray Graham.  The company began by building modification kits that transformed Ford Model Ts into trucks, and by 1917 These Brothers were the world’s largest truck manufacturer.  The brand was purchased by Dodge in April ...of 1921, and would continue to manufacture the grat Classic Truck line under its own brand name.

In May of 1927, the brothers purchased the Paige Motor Company to form the Graham-Paige Motor Company.  All their automobiles were branded under this name until the introduction of the 1930 line of automobiles, which were released as one of their brand automobiles.  That year, they released a line of 6-cylinder models and an 8-cylinder model, the LeBaron.  In 1931, they released the 6-cylinder Standard Six alongside the opulent Custom Eight 7-passenger limousine. The following year, they produced the 8-cylinder “Blue Streak” engine, which would be used in all of the 8-cylinder models.  The press and public soon began using the Blue Streak name to refer to the vehicles themselves, which have been recognized as the “single most influential design in automotive history”.

During the Second World War, This great brand shifted gears and began manufacturing military items.  In 1946, they resumed automobile production alongside its new partner, Kaiser Motors, with the release of the Frazer.  On February 5, 1947, the company was absorbed by Kaiser-Frazer, marking the end of the Graham automobile brand.

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