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Classic Hillman, Classic Hillman For Sale

Founded in 1907 by the then-bicycle manufacturing company Hillman-Coatalen, Hillman is a British automobile brand based out of Ryton-on-Dunsmore, England.  They produced a variety of vehicles over the years, many of which under the ownership of automobile companies Humber, Rootes, Chrysler, and Peugeot.  As of 2007, ...The Ryton factory has shut down, yet Peugeot still owns the rights to the Brand name.

Their first car was the 40 hp, released in 1907 featuring either a 9.67-liter 6-cylinder engine or a 6.4-liter 4-cylinder engine.  The first automobile that achieved reasonable success was the 14 hp released in 1925, which was the final model produced under the ownership of this Motor Car Company.  The company was purchased by Humber in 1928, which was in turn taken over by Rootes in 1931. They became the leading brand under the Rootes name, and saw reasonable success with the releases of the 6-cylinder Wizard in 1931 and the Minx in 1932.

In 1967, Chrysler purchased Rootes, and funded the release of the Avenger in 1970. The Avenger and a rereleased version of the Hunter were sold as Chryslers until 1979 when French automaker Peugeot purchased Chrysler’s European division.  Peugeot immediately halted production of the Hunter and released the Avenger as the Talbot, which was eventually withdrawn in 1981.

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