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Holden is an Australian automobile manufacturing company that dates back to the mid-1800s when they developed a reputation as a make of quality saddles. The company's founder, Jame Edward Holden, had a son who was interested in the motorcar like many people around the turn of the century, and that son, James, began wor...king with the company in 1905. They started building bodies for motorcycle sidecars at first, and they evolved into producing automobile bodies in 1919 and took on a new company identity: Holden's Motor Body Builders Ltd.

The company flourished, and by 1924 Holden was the General Motors Corporation's sole source of auto bodies in Australia. The Depression subsequently took its toll, and sales diminished. General Motors wound up buying Holden in 1931, and the first Holden automobile factory went into production in 1936, but during the war years they had to shift focus and manufacture materials for use in the war effort.

After the war the Holden company resumed production of motor vehicles, and by the 1950s, they were the premier vehicle in Australia with models like the 48-215 and the 50-2106. Holden has continued to make quality cars, and they are still doing a brisk business as of this writing.

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