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Classic Hupmobile, Classic Hupmobile For Sale

Hupmobile was an automotive line manufactured by the Hupp Motor Company from 1909 until 1940.  In its early years, Hupmobile offered formidable competition against the likes of large companies such as Ford by producing quality vehicles in large quantity.  Just before the onset of the Great Depression however, sales b...egan to drop sharply.  By 1939, it was clear that the company would never again return to the successful days of its youth, and production was discontinued.

In February of 1909, the original 4-cylinder Model 20 was introduced in at a Detroit auto show in a quantity of only 500.  Production of the Model 20 increased the following year to over 5000, and by 1928 Hupp was selling over 65,000 cars.  In 1925, the Hupmobile was outfitted with an 8-cylinder engine in an attempt to reach a wealthier clientele, resulting in models such as the 1929 Hupmobile Series M De Luxe Century 4-Door Sedan. The Brand also released a line of 6-cylinder models in 1938.

In Hupmobile’s last attempt to revive itself from slumping sales, it bought the production dies of the Cord 810 and 812. They teamed up with Graham-Paige Motor Co. to produce the Skylark, a lower-priced conventional car based on the Cord 810 design.  Although there was an initial influx of thousands of orders, production setbacks caused many of these orders to be retracted.  In the end, only 319 Skylarks were produced before the company ceased production.

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