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The Chrysler Imperial is one of the most revered of venerable American automobiles, and many people  who remember the Imperial of the 1950s through 1975 and then again in the early 1980s may not realize that the Imperials sold then were not actually Chryslers. These cars were simply Imperials in their own right, b...ut since they were sold at Chrysler dealerships, and because the Imperial had been a model of Chrysler until 1954, it was natural to assume that the Imperial was indeed still a Chrysler.

The history of the true Chrysler Imperial started out in 1926 when the original version was released as the top of the Chrysler line. It stayed there as the Chrysler Corporation's standard bearer for luxury, rivaling the Lincoln Continental and the Cadillac, for the next 28 years. The original 1926 Chrysler Imperial came in four different body styles, including the two-door roadster or coupe, the four-door sedan, and the the phaeton limousine that could comfortably seat no less than seven passengers. The early Chrysler Imperial could lay claim to substance as well as style; it set a record going 6,500 miles in just a week, and it received the honor of pacing the Indianapolis 500 in its initial year.

The Chrysler Imperial stayed in production through the 1954 model year, and it made a comeback between the years 1990 and 1993. The Chrysler Imperial is one of the most influential American cars ever built, and many models are very valuable among collectors.

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