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Kaiser Motors was originally known as Kaiser-Frazer from the time of its inception in 1945, but one of the partners, Joseph Frazer, pulled out in 1953 and the company was renamed the Kaiser Motors Corporation. Though Frazer formally left at that time, there had been acrimony between the two partners for years and the h...andwriting was on the wall. Frazer initially served as president of the company, but stepped aside in 1948, staying on in a consulting capacity and sitting on the Board. He was replaced by Edgar Kaiser, Henry's son, and at the company shifted gears almost instantly.

Kaiser Motors acquired Willys-Overland, and that move led to a total restructuring of the company's manufacturing base and overall direction, but it did facilitate expansion and a good bit of long term success. Kaiser Motors ceased production at their Willow Run facility, and the last American made Kaiser was produced in 1955, though they continued to manufacture motor vehicles in South America. Kaiser got out of the automotive business entirely in 1970 when they sold  their interests to AMC. Kaiser Motors left behind a number of brands that remain collectible, including the Deluxe, the Kaiser Manhattan sedan, the Traveler, the Kaiser Carolina, and the Dragon.

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